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Ganttify turns your Google Calendar into a Gantt chart


Many of us use Google Calendar as a tool to organize our day, increase productivity, manage the progress of projects and record various events. It is difficult to switch to using another tool if we are already used to writing everything down in the Google calendar, but if what we want is to change the view of the annotations so that they are displayed in a more optimal way to manage projects, we may want to take a look at them. eye to Ganttify.

Ganttify is therefore a tool that connects us to different services to export the data in the form of a Gantt diagram, so that in it we can better visualize the planned tasks and the time expected to invest in each of them, displaying the information of in a more visual way. In addition, we will not only transfer Google Calendar data to this new view, but also Trello or Basecamp data – and with the integration of Outlook and iCal, functionality that will be implemented in February.

When the diagram is already available, we can save it as a PDF or image and also share it via URL with whoever we want. The tool will be free for the next six months, as we read in Lifehacker that as of July 2014 it will cost us $ 29 a year. So if you really want to try it out as a new productivity tool, now is the time.