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Game Discovery App, to download quality games for free on Android


When we browse the free games section of our mobile app store, it is difficult to find a good quality game (unless it is well known globally) since many of them offer too much content with micropayments, we were not convinced or are not what we are looking for.

If you are one of those who usually look for mobile games to kill time, we believe that the Game Discovery App, created by the startup Atraura, can be a good optimization of your searches. The application for Android shows us the best games for the platform with the possibility of downloading them with bonuses and extra content, all the results being free games of good quality that they are looking for, via the app, more visibility.

To ensure the quality of the content and publish it with a certain filter, the Game Discovery team searches for games, tests them to make sure they are worth it, and reaches an agreement with the developers to offer it for free, including the extra content. The great advantage of Game Discovery with respect to a search directly in the store is that through this application we will access games without advertising, credits, micropayments, blockages, item packs, etc., thanks to the previous agreement between Game Discovery and the same developer, based on the fact that we can play for free in exchange for Game Discovery promoting their games – this being their business model.

You can install Game Discovery App from this link to Google Play.