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GalliumOS, the best option to squeeze Chromebooks and replace Chrome OS

GalliumOS, the best option to squeeze Chromebooks and replace Chrome OS

GalliumOS, the best option to squeeze Chromebooks and replace Chrome OS

GalliumOSis a light and fast Linux distribution created especially for devices with Chrome OS. A great option for Chromebooks.

Google has been developing Chrome OS, its Chrome-based desktop operating system, the web browser, for many years. Many manufacturers have dared to launch laptops and desktops with Chrome OS as the default system.

They are fast, cheap and limited. Chrome OS is what it is, you cannot be asked to do the same as Windows or Mac OSX, however for many users Chrome OS has everything you need and that’s why millions have been sold in the last time (even surpassing the Macs in some periods).

A new direction for Chromebooks

I personally am a user of a Chromebook For years, an Acer C720, and for the use that I give to the computer on a daily basis (basically web browsing and Google services) is ideal. But of course, once in a while you need something else, either to edit a photo (yes, Pixlr is great, but it is not Photoshop or Gimp) or to create / edit any document without depending on Google Docs and its services.

A few days ago Chrome OS took on a new meaning: Google announced thatall android apps will come to the system. I mean, Google Play built into Chrome OSWith the infinite possibilities that this offers, the landscape of Chromebooks changes a lot, because with Android applications it can become an ideal option for even more users, especially since its price is much lower than that of other laptops.

The bad news is that not all laptops with Chrome OS will be compatible with Android applications. Here we review the official Google list:

GalliumOS, a new life for your Chromebook

Whether you have one of the Chromebooks that will not be compatible with Google Play, or if you have tired of Chrome OS and need something more capable, you are interested in knowing GalliumOS.

GalliumOS is a Linux distribution created specifically for Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices (like desktop ones). Its T based on Xubuntu, The distro in turn is based on Ubuntu, although developed for teams with more limited resources or simply for those who want a very light and efficient system.

This operating system is the ideal option if you wantreplace Chrome OS on a Chromebook. It is optimized for those computers, eliminating everything they don’t need, integrating the necessary drivers so that everything works correctly (mainly the touchpad, which usually fails with other systems) and, of course, it gives us all the freedom of Xubuntu, so We can install programs and applications beyond those offered by the Chrome Web Store.

Here you can see it in action:

GalliumOS is completely freeIt can be downloaded from its official website (although they also accept donations, of course).

The only thing that you should take into account is download the version compatible with your hardware, for this you can consult the wiki in which they detail if there are problems with specific Chromebook models or, in addition, you can use it in DualBoot with ChromeOS.