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FusionInvoice, self-hosted online billing system


Freelancers and small businesses who do not want to use third-party billing services through the cloud, can always choose to have billing applications installed on their web servers, allowing them to have complete control of all the information they manage without They may encounter surprises from changes in conditions that may exist in case of depending on third-party services.

They have an option to take into account in FusionInvoice, a completely free and open source web server application for managing the invoicing of their businesses, where all they need is to have a web server with PHP 5.3.0 onwards and MySQL 4.x onwards, in addition to having a modern web browser from which to access and use all the features it offers. Once they have it configured and ready to use, they will only have to access it from any web browser to add, manage and track customers, create invoices including recurring invoices, create citations, generate reports, etc.

From the official page of FusionInvoice they will have access to an operational demo through which they will be able to access the control panel so that they can have a clearer idea of ​​the functionalities and usability offered by the current version, 1.3.4, although the version Development, 2.0, is now available through the GitHub platform, which will incorporate a series of features and improvements that the community itself has been discussing for a few months through its mailing list through Google Groups.

FusionInvoice has all the necessary documentation, in English, so that those who choose this platform on their web servers for daily use in their businesses, know each and every one of the characteristics available to them.

Link: FusionInvoice | Goes: WebResourcesDepot