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FunderCloud, search and monitoring of projects in Kickstarter and Indiegogo [iOS]


It is not the first time that we see a specific need turned into a product in the form of an application or service that covers it. And that is precisely what David Knell, a full-time systems engineer, independent developer for iOS, as well as a great follower of the crowdfunding movement has done, an aspect that has frustrated him due to the little or no attention paid by the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms to the mobile experience, both on smartphones and tablets, where the first only has an iPhone application, and the second does not even have that.

So we launched the development of FunderCloud to cover precisely that need, allowing users to browse and search for projects on both services at the same time, whether on iPhone or iPad. Its version 1.0 was released at the beginning of autumn, although at the end of last November it released an update that allows searching and receiving alerts. In this way, users can browse and filter projects by site, popularity, creation date or end date, location, and category, and can bookmark their favorite projects and receive alerts when those projects are close to the end date.

There is one fact that TechCrunch highlights and it is the lack of public APIs, so FunderCloud performs other techniques that could pose problems due to the violation of the conditions of both services, which basically prohibits tracking manually or automatically, in Kickstarter case, or the use of automated systems, Indiegogo case. These conditions are available for security reasons, so as not to saturate the infrastructure that supports them, and to avoid spam, although in the case of FunderCloud it could be interpreted differently, since its founder declares that it has tried to be the most respectful possible not to make it invasive.

If FunderCloud continues to be available, later its founder plans to add new crowdfunding platforms. At the moment it is available at a single price of $ 1.99, something that will be a barrier to entry for many users, although those big followers will not hesitate to have it.