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FundedByMe, crowdfunding platform, arrives in Spain


More and more we are hearing about crowdfunding, so that this word is becoming increasingly familiar to all users, and within the crowdfunding movement we already know a series of platforms, headed by Kickstarter, although the truth is that there are many more that we can count on when seeking collective financing to carry out our ideas. To all of them that we already know we can also add FundedByMe (, who has just arrived in Spain making his official presentation at the hands of Miguel Ángel Lpez Trujillo, its CEO for Spain, where he indicates that crowdfunding moved in 2012 more of 1,992 million euros, and it is expected that for this 2013, the figure will reach 3,689 million euros, according to Todostatups.

FundedByMe allows to perform reward crowdfunding, as many other platforms do, so that in relation to financial contributions, the sponsors will receive exclusive products or services in exchange, but also, FundedByMe allows to perform stock crowdfunding, in a way that allows selling a small set of shares to small investors, who will obtain a percentage of the companies, which entitles them to receive dividends from the profits of the businesses and economic capital gains generated by an alleged sale of the shares to a third party.

The scope of FundedByMe is the European scope for the case of equity crowdfunding, although the scope of reward crowdfunding is available worldwide. FundedByMe will keep a percentage of 6% of the total amount of money received, although as we can continue to know from the same platform, if the campaigns do not achieve their minimum funding objectives, the entrepreneurs will receive nothing, and all the money raised will go back to the investors themselves at no cost to the entrepreneurs themselves.

In this way, if we want to receive financing to start our business, carry out a campaign, or to carry out any other idea, FundedByMe is already available to lend us a hand, where we can also count on its marketing channels, guides, and other aid that we may receive from the platform itself.