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Froont – Where designers create and share their customizable websites


The need to create adaptive website designs for any device is also reflected in Froom, a new service that has just come out in public beta to make it easier for designers to create adaptive website designs and prototypes with just dragging and drop different elements on the web area, being able to modify their properties so that they can be seen properly on the different screen sizes.

It is a visual website editor that aims to eliminate the hierarchy of work when designing, eliminating the need for layout designers to interpret the designs created in Photoshop to take them to HTML and CSS through coding.

In this way, when working on a specific project, designers can act on their own to create and share their designs, through the web browser, to the rest of the team, clients, or other people, to collect the necessary feedback.

It is only necessary to register in the service and start a new project, being able to start from a blank page or from a test page, the possibility of creating interactive prototype projects being inactive for now. Within the workspace, it has some simple tools, which are presented the first time they enter. In addition, they will be able to see the code that is generated in the development of the page itself.

Link: Froont | Goes: TechCrunch