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Frobee, create slideshows in a simple way

Frobee, create slideshows in a simple way

Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, barbecues, fairs, … any type of event is susceptible to being photographed, or we have other types of image collections. If we also want to show it on the web, we can choose to use some of the existing online services to create image passes, or we can use Frobee in case we want generate and host these passes ourselves of images.

And is that Frobee It allows us, without the need to register, to create image passes, the result of which, in flash format, will be downloaded in a ZIP file that will also contain the HTML code that allows us to integrate the flash file on our website.

And the creation of the image passes could not be easier, since we will only need to load the images to be shown, establishing for each one of them their transitions and display time, among other factors. We can alter the order of each image, position and so on, but also we can set the general configuration of our presentations, so that we have some presentations of images of the most attractive.

The only negative point that we can find is that we cannot add audio tracks to accompany the countries, although even so, it is an interesting option to consider.