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Friends + Me, take your Google+ posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


On our Google+ wall we can post those comments that we want to share with some of our circles, as well as links to websites that we find interesting, our best photographic images, and even videos that have caught our attention the most. But in addition to our circles, we have contacts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so we have to see how we can bring our publications to them.

One way is offered by Friends + Me, where we will basically link our Google+ account with the service to later link Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or some of them. Friends + Me offers three pricing plans, the first of which is free, with an interval of up to 100 minutes for the search for new content, limited to 40 monthly republications on linked networks, and without support for pages on Google+.

For this we have our panel where we will configure both the linked networks as well as the URL shortener used, also offering us a history of the latest republications made. A detail to keep in mind is that we can allow the republication of any content or only through hashtag.

Link: Friends + Me