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Free up space on your iPhone or iPad by cleaning the Twitter cache

Free up space on your iPhone or iPad by cleaning the Twitter cache

Free up space on your iPhone or iPad by cleaning the Twitter cache

Twitter for iOS adds an option to clean all cached files that are taking up space on our smartphone or tablet.

With use, all applications generate temporary files on our devices (images, thumbnails, navigation files), it is the cache memory, so that when it is stored, you can access that data more quickly without having to regenerate them.

Cleaning the cache is usually a effective solution to free memory on smartphones and other devices, at least temporarily, since many applications re-create those files. However, in applications such as social networks it can be very effective, since hundreds of megabytes are generated in files that we do not need at all. Finally, Twitter adds the native option in its iOS application.

Clean Twitter and recover space on the iPhone

In Android it is the operating system itself that includes the option to clear app memory, but Apple has not implemented something like this in its system for mobile devices, so we depend on whether the applications themselves include it.

Thus, from the version of Twitter 6.73.2, you can clean the temporary files and hopefully release several hundred megabytes, something especially appreciated by those with 16GB iPhone.


To get to this option, we enter the Twitter settings for iOS and there you will see the section Use of data and, inside, two more options:

  • Multimedia storage
  • Web storage

By clicking on each of them you will see in detail how much space they occupy. In the case of multimedia storage it refers to all the cache that are occupying images, videos, GIFs and Vines, and in the case of Web Storage it refers to cookies, logins and web previews.

Click on Clean in each one and that’s it. In our case, as I saw in the screenshots, we had it quite clean, but if you have been using the official Twitter application for a long time I will find you the possibility of clean a good handful of MB, which will be totally free on your iPhone or iPad.

This is a good opportunity to remember the trick to free up space on iPhone that we tell you here: