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Free seminar on Analytics and metrics for Ecommerce


From IEBS they announce that the free seminar on Analytics and metrics for electronic commerce that will be held from November 14 on the Internet is already organized. Be free and end on November 20.

The theme of the seminar is quite attractive considering the growth of ecommerce only in Spain. E-commerce has grown approximately 42% among small and medium-sized companies, so it is necessary to know how to measure and make a suitable business plan, a plan that needs to attract visits to the web and increase the conversion rate.

Knowing how to measure the performance and conversion of your ecommerce is key to the growth of your business. For this, it is essential to closely monitor the cost of attracting new users as well as impacting and retaining existing ones.

The seminar will discuss the different acquisition channels, learn how to calculate the cost of acquisition (CAC) and the value that each client contributes (CLV), as well as talk about long-term profitability (cohort analysis).

The seminar will be held by Jos Miguel Pulido, co-founder and CTO of, and will be free for all those interested who have never attended an IEBS course.

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