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Free online course to learn to program applications for iPhone and iPad


Here we have a course, created by Stanford University, that will help us learn to program applications for the latest version of iOS (version 7).

It’s about the course Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad, available on iTunes and divided into 14 units, some of which are in video format.

The course is completely in English and requires knowledge of C programming, being recommended to also know UNIX and object-oriented programming.

In it they discuss the topics to be covered:

Tools and APIs necessary to create applications for the iPhone and the iPad platform using the iOS SDK. User interface designs for mobile devices and user interactions using multi-touch technology. Object oriented design using paradigm, memory management and Objective-C. Other topics include: Database Object Oriented API, animation, multi-threading, and performance related issues for scheduled applications.

If language is a problem, you can always access these tutorials in Spanish to start programming for these devices, but if what is a problem is the initial level required by the Stanford course, I recommend starting with the codeschool course. com.

And if you prefer to program for Android, remember this list that we prepared for you a couple of years ago, ideal to start with the topic.