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Free online course on Latin American Art


This month we have shared various proposals in free courses in Spanish, from different educational platforms. Proposals to which a new initiative is added from the Technological University of Pereira in Colombia, through MiriadaX.

Under the name of Latin American Art with emphasis on Colombia, this course will introduce us to the historical, social and political context of different events that marked the identity of Latin American art.

All this content will be taught in four modules:

The modules address themes that, in their generality, make up Pre-Hispanic Art, Colonial Art, the search for identity with the most outstanding of the countries that make up the continent and, lastly, the avant-garde of art, studied from Colombia.

This course will begin on November 18, and will last for 4 weeks. If we want to participate, we only have to register from the link that we previously shared. If we have never taken any courses from the MiriadaX platform, then we will be asked to create an account in a few steps.

And if we are interested in knowing other proposals for the rest of the month, we can take a look at the list of the 30 courses that start this week or our monthly compilation of free university courses.