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Free online course on Crowdfunding

A new proposal in online and free courses for this month, from the Guadalinfo network, with its Open DNA Crowdfunding Campaigns initiative:

Crowdfunding shows how the power of many small contributions can achieve to undertake initiatives, projects or ideas with a significant impact on society, if we add to this the principles of open DNA based on horizontal processes, openness, collective return and reinforcement of the commons (share knowledge), the impact on society multiplies and projects become engines of social innovation.

Through 5 modules in this course, we will take a tour of the different factors to take into account when launching a Crowdfunding campaign. Analyzing from the planning stage, taking into account the different modalities according to the undertaking until the promotion of our campaign.

An excellent proposal for those who want to know the bases of Crowdfunding, with real examples and the analysis of different types of platforms. In addition to having complementary material, the adviser to the instructors and the community that will be formed around the course.

The course that follows the MOOC modality, begins on November 25, but from today we can register from the link that we share at the beginning of the article.