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Free online course in Spanish on video game design

Video game design can open up a range of new job opportunities, which is why many educational platforms share free programs for those looking to broaden their professional horizons.

For example, in MriadaX we find an interesting proposal for those who are just beginning in the design of video games and want to have an overview.

The free online course Introduction to Video Game Design will show us in 6 weeks the basic concepts, as well as the different phases of the video game development process.

We will see, for example, design techniques, as well as tips and tools to create the appropriate dynamics for the game we have in mind. And of course, show us how to market our video game.

The course program is made up of 5 modules, which will be developed in different weeks. Like the rest of the courses on the MriadaX platform, we will have forums to ask questions or share ideas with the rest of the students and instructor.

To participate, you just have to follow this link, register on the MriadaX platform and register for the course. The MOOC begins on January 9, so we have enough time to organize our agenda and dedicate a few hours a week to our training.