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Free Introductory Programming Course from the Royal Society of Edinburgh [iTunes]


We find in iTunes U, Apple’s online course store, an introductory course in programming and different basic concepts related to computing, created by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the BCS Academy of Computing.

The main objective of the course is that the student The course is really ideal for young people who want to learn basic concepts in programming and want to learn to think the right way to develop the kind of logic that is needed when you start programming, although everything the world can attend. Starting from Scratch It will be composed of 7 theoretical and practical lessons, some based on the Scratch language, created by MIT and ideal for those who start in this world.

In addition to a good theoretical part in which we are told about different types of computers, hardware, software and different methods of programming design; The course offers a good balance of theory with a good and essential practical part, in which we can learn programming how to use variables, how to introduce the possibility of decisions with if or if … else, create loops and detect collisions with, for example, commands such as if… touching, and completing the corresponding homework in each lesson. By focusing on the use of Scratch at MIT, we will learn what its main characteristics are when it comes to creating animations, sounds or using graphic tools.

To access the free online course, you must first download the iOS iTunes U application (you can download it free here). After completing the installation of iTunes, you can access the course in the Engineering / Computer Science or looking for it by the full name Starting from Scratch.