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Free courses to learn HTML5

curso html5

We have already mentioned on several occasions several sites where you can hold classes to learn HTML5, we now leave you with a compilation of these links, hoping that you will help us expand the list in the comments.

– HTML5 courses on Udemy: 3 courses taught on Udemy, without the need for prior knowledge, including one in Spanish to understand the basics.

– Codeavengers course: Ideal to learn both HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. There are several games that help us stay motivated, leveling up and winning prizes.

– Microsoft HTML5 Course: A complete course, in Spanish, with 6 lessons to learn HTML5.

– With videos in Spanish on the subject.

– Edutin: List of videos in Spanish to learn the basics of HTML5.

– Extensive documentation on the Mozilla website.

You can see some demonstrations of what can be done using HTML5 at or in this compilation of experiments published on

If you are looking for other programming languages, remember the article What programming language should I learn and where can I do it for free? published by Juan David a few months ago.