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Free alternatives to very expensive programs

Free alternatives to very expensive programs

Free alternatives to very expensive programs

Not everyone always needs payment programs. These are free alternatives to programs payment that cost a lot of money.

Today there are a series of programs that are very established in society and that despite costing a lot of money almost everyone ends up buying. The main reason is that for a long time those programs they were the only alternative in what they did.

Today, most of these programs are useful to certain people (especially professionals), but most people have more than enough free quality alternatives. These are some of the free alternatives to paid programs more interesting.

GIMP, alternative to Photoshop

Photoshop It has become such a popular program that it has gotten its brand used as a common name. Many people say Photoshop to refer to any editing program and some even use the verb photoshope. But we must not forget that there are alternatives.

GIMP is a free program and open-sourceComplete enough to cover the needs of simple users who only want to crop a photo to more advanced ones who want to do a deeper editing. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Alternatives to Office

For a time, the Microsoft suite She was undisputed queen of the office, but today there are serious contenders who are also free. If you want a desktop program, Libre Office is an excellent alternative that has also improved a lot in recent years and seems to continue in the future.

Another excellent alternative is the Google suite. Very practical to work from multiple devices and save everything in the cloud, as well as to work in groups. The spreadsheet, I know, is not up to Excel. But if you don’t need an advanced spreadsheet, Google’s office suite may be the best alternative for you.

Forget about paid antivirus

The most important thing when it comes to preserving your Internet security it is no longer having a good antivirus. Before that you have to worry about knowing where you are going and take some basic precautions. In any case, having an antivirus is always an extra layer of security that doesn’t hurt. But you don’t need a paid one.

Avira is an excellent free alternative that will do for you the same as an antivirus that you pay for. Although it has a premium monthly subscription version, the free one is more than enough. But in any case, remember that it is just one more layer of security that does not exempt you from taking other precautions.

DaVinci Resolve, for video editing

The programs of video editing They are a complicated sector in which there is no clear winner and there are a multitude of alternatives, but the truth is that it is difficult to find one that is truly good and free. DaVinci Resolve, although it was born as a color corrector and that is still its focus, it also works as a video editor and it does it superbly.

It has most of the functions that a common user can ask for. The only downside is that it is not very intuitive. If you have never edited video and want a simpler program, things like iMovie or Filmora. We also recommend OpenShot:

Blender, 3D models

If you are interested in 3D modeling but not in a professional way, Blender is an excellent free alternative to paid programs like Maya. In this case, it should be noted that Blender is not a sufficient alternative for professionals, but if you are just curious about the model3D, the program will satisfy all your needs.