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Foursquare redesigns its mobile application for iOS


It is obvious that with the launch of iOS 7, over time, many of the iOS applications will adapt to this new version, today touching the mobile application of Foursquare, which in its announcement promises to be smarter, faster, and it also offers a new look consistent with the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Following the design, which is now flatter and clearer, a series of functional changes are also introduced, the most notable being the change of the home page, which now offers full screen all the registrations made, divided between nearby records and records globally. At the end of it, it also offers tips and prominent locations. Other elements such as maps or featured events are removed from this new version.

In its facet for being smarter, with the idea of ​​offering everything users need when they arrive at a specific place, now the application will offer advice or recommendations on the terminal lock screen through a pop-up window, related to the current location, registration made, history or activity of the contacts themselves, even if users do not use the application. If users register at a specific place, they will receive personalized advice, such as the best dishes on the menu, special offers or tips left by other regular users of the same place.

It could not be missing the existence of a direct access to go to a map to see the closest contacts, which continues in the application, as well as the icon to make the records, which has not changed, although if visual adjustments have been made in the pop-up window for selecting the current location.

Finally, the sidebar continues, where personal information takes on greater prominence, while also maintaining the other available functions.

Forsquare version 7.0 for iOS requires terminals under iOS 7 or higher, available now on the App Store.