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For developers: 7 services to measure the traffic of your mobile app

mobile analytics

Measure, measure And always measure will be an essential task in everything that has to do with user interactions in digital services, for example, in mobile applications. For this reason we highlight today 7 excellent services that facilitate advanced statistical registration of visits to quantify the behavior of users from the moment they start a app until the moment they close it, this in order to provide developers with more information when making their decisions in the process of creating and updating their productions.

1. Google Analytics

If you app requires an internet connection, Google’s statistics and analytics tool may be one of your first options. The best: the easy integration, its free, the indexes and the many useful functions that Google launches frequently to strengthen you in conjunction with Google Play.

2. Mobile App Analytics Beta

A Google Analytics tool to keep more specific records of user interactions with apps (conversions) facilitating the marketing and the measurements of the engagement through advanced segments. For more information you can consult this link.

3. Yandex – Metrica for apps

The Russian competition for several of Google’s services also has a striking offer of tools that compete with the big G in the field of metrics for mobile apps. It is designed to assess users’ sociodemographic variables and technical details of their devices in real time (for now the focus is on iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

4. Localytics

A complete efficient solution for both apps and integrated on mobile sites. It has payment plans for which it divides its characteristics into two pillars, Analytics (real-time analytics, conversion measurements, advanced segments, engagement etc.) and Marketing (ROI, A / B testing, messaging campaigns in-app and notifications push, etc.).

5. Distimo

Another popular option with a free version and an interesting demo tool that allows you to take a look at your elegant desktop and the multiple graphs, analysis channels, maps, tables, filters, profit summaries and many others. widgets that make it up.

6. Google solution for Android programmers

Once again, Google, in an effort to make life easier for developers and professing its vision and estimates that in a couple of years the majority of global traffic on the network will be generated from mobile devices, presents a set of specific measurement tools for Android devices optimizing the capacity of the records to the maximum by focusing them on a single operating system.

7. Google solution for iOS programmers

Quite similar to the previous one except that the protagonist is iOS instead of Android. The same: logging tools that take advantage of specific software and technical features to optimize measurements, for example those related to application failures that cause error messages or simply quit without further notice.

Anyway, those are few of the many options to choose from. If you have one to recommend or to comment on, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.