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Flud comes to Android again and expands on Windows Phone

Flud comes to Android again and expands on Windows Phone

Once again we have to talk about Flud, a social news platform, which we already presented to you at the time, which allows users to track those news that interest us and to share some of them among our followers of the same platform as well as through Twitter and Facebook.

The most recent novelty that we have from this social news platform is that Android users will be able to reinstall it and use it on our own terminals, taking into account that last August it was released for this system, although they had to withdraw it shortly after. . An app for Windows Phone users was also recently released. And if this were not enough, the iPad application was also recently updated, taking advantage of the new retina display that it incorporates.

What don’t you want to use it on your mobile device? Well, we have to wait a bit, since we are also working on the web version of this platform, which we will see next month.

Without a doubt, this is good news for those of us who are addicted to information, so that through this platform we can curate content from our mobile terminals, and soon, through our desktop web browsers.

Link: Flud for Android – Flud for Windows Phone | Goes: VentureBeat