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Flowboard, excellent option to create multimedia presentations from iPad


Whether we need to make a presentation for work, create a creative portfolio in a few minutes, or simply find a fun way to make a photo gallery for the little ones in the house, Flowboard is an option that we can consider.

It is an application with a very attractive and intuitive interface, which with a few movements will allow us to obtain the expected results. To start, we can display all our creativity starting from scratch or we can choose some of the templates that the application presents us to create catalogs, presentations, galleries, among others.

To our project we can integrate images, web links, videos, text with options to organize or resize them. We can integrate content from different sources such as Google, our Dropbox account, Facebook, Box, Instagram, SkyDrive.

Each of the options to integrate content into our presentation has different customization modes. For example, we can determine what font to use in our text, crop the images we want to upload, preview the videos to choose the right one, among others.

From the editor we can correct or change any detail according to our criteria or save in draft for a later edition. We also have options to share directly on Twitter, Facebook, email or through a link provided by the application.