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Floating Draw, to annotate and draw anything on the screen on Android

Floating Draw

Floating Draw is a free application for Android that allows you to make annotations and free strokes at any time and on any application open in the system. For this, show a sidebar with multiple drawing tools including categories with lines and geometric figures that can be activated with just a few taps.

After launching the application, the sidebar will appear and a kind of drawing layer will be activated that will make it possible to make strokes left and right using the pencil tool or the Shapes category with more objects available: rectangles, circles, squares and lines; To invoke them, just slide your finger on any part of the screen. Of course, the default color is red but it has a complete color palette to change it at any time.

If we make a mistake with any stroke or with any action, we can start the strokes from scratch using the Clear All button, erase them with the Erase tool or choose the classic Redo and Undo edit buttons. However, and considering that the app is ad-free, the latter require paying for the full version of Floating Draw which costs $ 2.

And that’s it, to subtract share the results through social networks or other applications installed on the mobile. Incidentally, a recommendation, especially to create illustrated tutorials and guides where you can see the greatest potential of this tool, is to keep the bar hidden through the Hide button and launch it from the notification bar only when necessary.

Link: Floating Draw on the Play Store | Goes: AddictiveTips