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Flite, to design HTML5 ads and animations


A few weeks ago we announced a tool that Google had built to allow designers to campaign (advertise) in HTML5. It was WebDesigner, an application that we can install on our computer to create banners and animations of various sizes, forgetting about Flash, technology that is less and less present on the modern web.

This application is available for Mac and Windows, but if you want one that can be run on the web, without having to install anything, take a look at

This is a platform that, according to Techcrunch, does not have much competition in the market, with the exception of the aforementioned Google WebDesigner, although in this case, since it does not require installation (it is 100% web), it can better help those who use Linux or those who cannot install applications without going through bureaucratic processes in their company.

Flite also allows you to import files from other platforms, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, always with the idea that the created work can be viewed without problems from portable devices.

Although the main objective is to create ads, we can use it to make any type of animation, choosing the size and dragging the desired components within the control panel.