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Flipboard launches its new category for purchases, allowing to create personal catalogs


Many of us already know the Flipboard mobile application, which offers us content of interest from different sources in electronic magazine format for our mobile devices, where it also gives us the option to create our own channels with content selected by ourselves, and that from now on, this will also take you to the field of shopping with the inclusion of its new category, as just announced.

This enables us to create our catalogs and gift lists based on a series of publications available in addition to the inclusion of other products that we can include thanks to your bookmarklet, which we can include if we have not already done so or update to the new version of it in case we already have it in the link bar of our usual web browser. Our personal catalogs can contain products, articles, photos, videos, and even audio from SoundCloud. If we wish, we can also share them on Twitter under the hashtag #FlipShopping.

In its announcement, Flipboard tells us about the availability of 10 magazines with content selected by Flipboard’s own team as well as magazines with affordable brand content. In addition, they list some of the reference selectors (content curators) and their publications, as well as a series of shared catalogs from a series of publishers, all so that users can discover, collect and buy products through Flipboard.

With all this, we can now see catalogs, gift lists and other personal publications with content selected by the users themselves.