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Flickr announces Photo Books, to transform your photos into books


It is one thing to have our free image store on flickr busy with photos of our day to day, and another to have a nice album at home with images captured on paper, something that for many is still irreplaceable.

Thinking about it, Flickr has launched a product that will allow you to create photo albums and send a paper version to everyone who requests it. Is about Flickr Photo Books, and we can already use it at

They comment on their blog, where they have published a presentation video, that at the moment they only send the books to the United States, although they are already thinking about crossing borders soon. Books cost $ 35, with 20 pages, paying $ 0.5 per extra page and always allowing you to personalize their content.

It is curious that a large Internet company bets so strongly on the world of paper. They have chosen excellent quality material, they have created intelligent algorithms to select the best images and adjust them automatically, they have reserved an address as important as / create … it seems that it is more than just an experiment.

It will be interesting to see how the dozens of businesses that already carried out this task of creating paper albums from flickr photos react, surely they would never have imagined that a giant like Yahoo! will be competing this way.