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Flayvr 2.0, to organize photo and video albums, is renewed on Android


We have already spoken on several occasions about Flayvr, a mobile application for Android and iOS, which automatically organizes us into albums those images and videos that we have on our own terminals, simply offering us the albums already created and ready to be viewed and shared with our own friends and acquaintances. This same week the version 2.0 of the application arrived at the Google Play Store with some interesting news.

The first of these is the shared timeline, a section of the application in which users can see those albums that we have shared with our friends along with those albums that our friends have shared with us through Flayvr installed on their own terminals. In addition, the possibility of sharing albums privately with a select group of people returns. In any case, we will receive the corresponding notifications when someone shares new albums with us.

Taking advantage of the Daydream mode available in Android 4.2 terminals onwards, through which a kind of screen protector comes out when it is attached to a dock or is connected to charge the battery, Flayvr now allows to offer the images of the terminal itself as a protector of screen.

Finally, new languages ​​are added, precisely French, German, Italian and Portuguese, which join the languages ​​already supported previously.

Flayvr 2.0 is now freely available on Google Play for terminals from Android version 2.2 onwards.