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Flame Painter, creating original effects and drawings on iPad


Many of us have already verified that the iPad can also be a great tool for professionals and amateurs to draw and edit images for all tastes. In iTunes we discovered another way to bring out our artistic genius to give a new touch to our works, its name is Flame Painter, it has been created by Escape Motion and with it we can create images and backgrounds with light effects applied to our original photographs.

As the name of the application indicates, Flame Painter allows us to use different brushes (very original and that we will rarely find in other apps) that will paint flame-like effects combining colors and thus making different lighting effects. We have a good gallery of patterns, intensities, gradients and blends to give our background or image the touch we want – being able to start editing the images available in our iOS photo gallery. Additionally, we are given the possibility to paint with one finger or two fingers to draw double patterns.

Although it seems a complex alternative art app, it really is an application with an extremely simple interface that can be used by both young and old. At the end of our work we can share it on social networks or save it for ourselves.

You can download the application for free for iPad at this link to iTunes and give a little free rein to your creativity.