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Five things you didn't know about submarine cables


In the Google blog they have published a video that shows us more details about the cables that connect continents to allow Internet access across the globe.

Among all the many curiosities, photos and videos, there are five that are particularly striking, and here we leave them:

How many submarine internet cables are there?There are more than 250 active fiber optic cables connecting cities and data centers worldwide.

What was the first submarine cable?The first transatlantic telegraph cable is over 150 years old.

Sharks really bite them?Yes, but they do not represent a threat as great as some media want to make believe

How much traffic can they handle?The equivalent of 10 million YouTube videos per second.

What size are they?They can be thinner than a hot dog.

In this video you can see more information about the visit they made in the world of submarine cables:

The visit was made to New Hampshire, to one of the cable factories, as well as to a ship that had the responsibility of loading them from Florida to Brazil.

As you can see, they are extremely protected cables that help to transport an immense amount of information, proof against shark teeth and capable of overcoming the difficult conditions of the ocean floor, a marvel of science and technology.