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FitBolt, reminders to control the time we spend in front of the computer


FitBolt is an application that aims to raise awareness about the time we spend in front of the computer. Through constant reminders we will be reminded of the importance of taking a few minutes to clear ourselves from the screen and not affect our health.

We just have to install FitBolt in our browser (Chrome or Firefox) and create an account to start using its different options. The process is very simple, since the idea is to generate a reminder every certain period of time. We can manage this option by pausing the clock when we are away or need to attend to other matters outside our desk.

When the set time is met, it will send us a reminder that it is time to take a breather. We suggest a series of exercises that we can perform in a few minutes in the same space on our desktop. Suggestions ranging from relaxing wrists, stretching legs, arm exercises, among others.

It does not require any intensive exercise, only those that can be done within our workspace, but that allow us to detach ourselves from the computer so as not to suffer the effects of sedentary lifestyle. Each of the proposed exercises are detailed step by step and illustrated with different images. If we do not want to depend on any browser, download the desktop version or use its web application.