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Firefox says goodbye to Windows XP and Vista: the end of support is near

Firefox says goodbye to Windows XP and Vista: the end of support is near

Firefox says goodbye to Windows XP and Vista: the end of support is near

Forget about the support of Mozilla Firefox on Windows XP and Vista at the end of 2017.

The life cycle also applies to software, companies may not be maintaining support for old equipment and systems until the end of the day because that means not spending time and resources on new projects. XP and Vista are saying goodbye to Firefox.

The Mozilla people have announced their support plans for Windows XP and Vista, the old systems Microsoft operations that still today are present in millions of computers around the planet.

September 2017, goodbye to Firefox on XP and Vista


If you use any of these operating systems on your PC, enter this date: September 2017. In less than a year end Firefox browser support for XP and Vista.

According to Mozilla launch plans, in March 2017 Firefox 52 will arrive and at that time the version for these systems will go to ESR program (Extended Support Release) in which a dedicated community is in charge of maintaining the support, thinking especially about the great use that these systems have in companies and institutions (education, etc.). ESR versions are not recommended for users who want the Latest browser news and performance improvements.

Recall that Windows XP was released in 2001, while Vista arrived in 2007, between both operating systems represent a 13% of total users Mozilla Firefox, but the time has come to say goodbye.

Be vulnerable to security breaches

Google already took the step with Chrome months ago and of the great browsers only Opera and Firefox maintain the support. Does this mean that when the date arrives, the browser will stop working on computers with XP and Vista? No, you can continue using it, but the software no more updates, neither security nor performance nor new functions, which leaves you exposed to future security breaches.

Now is the time to upgrade to newer versions of Windowso, if your computer is too old, you might want to look at some lighter operating system.