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Firefox 25 comes to the desktop and the Android platform

Mozilla Firefox

Installers of the new version of Firefox, Firefox 25, were already available on Mozilla’s FTP servers for desktop systems as of last night, although the official release has just been released today along with the release of the mobile version for the Android platform. If we compare the list of changes, both the desktop versions and the Android version coincide in the new support offered to the Web Audio API, the specifications of which we can consult through the W3C page.

In this way, Firefox users will already have the new version, either through automatic updates, through manual updates, or even through new installations carried out by new users from now on. The Web Audio API support allows developers to create robust audio engines thanks to positional audio and support for effects, which translates into better audio experiences, among others, for more advanced games.

Users can consult the rest of the changes in the changes lists, both in the desktop version, where among other things, the search bar is no longer shared among the tabs, as well as in the mobile version for Android, where among others things, add guest browsing, enable mixed content blocking, and add-ons will already add flags in the link bar.

As always, this version can be obtained free of charge for each supported platform.

Link: Official Firefox site