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Find over 100,000 free online courses at Coorsy

Find over 100,000 free online courses at Coorsy

Find over 100,000 free online courses at Coorsy

Coorsy is a website where you will find more than 100 000 courses all types.

If you have time and want to learn something new, the Internet is your ally. Thanks to the Network, we can access an enormous amount of quality content instantly and almost from anywhere.

Obviously you have to pay attention to the sources, since just as you can find exceptional quality content, there is also very doubtful. Online courses are a great way to learn or delve into specific areas and luckily there are thousands of free courses at the click of a button.

Thousands of free online courses at Coorsy

The last website we know about with online courses is Coorsy and we find more than 100,000 courses with training on dozens of different subjects and areas.

Coorsy is not a platform where courses are taught, but on this website it is collects and organizes courses from different services such as Udemy, Pluralsight, Lynda, Edx, SkillShare and more.

Just write the subject of the course that we are looking for in the main search engine and automatically all related will appear. The results show a brief description of the course, as well as the level it has, the service it offers and its price or if it is completely free (there are thousands).

At the top we find the options to filter the results, being able to select difficulty levels or only show the free. As expected, there are many more courses in Coorsy in English than in Spanish.

If you are not sure what course you are looking for, from this section you can explore among all the categories of the more than 100,000 courses.

On the other hand, if we have a limited time, we also recommend Highbrow, an online course platform where we only need 5 minutes a day and they will come directly to the email every morning. Here we tell you all the details: