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Find out why your WiFi is so slow and how you can fix it

Find out why your WiFi is so slow and how you can fix it

Find out why your WiFi is so slow and how you can fix it

You never even come close to the connection speed you have contracted? These may be some of the problems of the Slow wifi.

In Spain there are some operators that offer connection fiber optics at speeds of up to 300 MB / s, but then it is very rare to find people who actually reach those speeds ever. In some cases, the connection speed is absurdly slower than the contracted speed. Why is this happening?

Well, the truth is the simple fact of connecting via WiFi instead of wired is already a considerable loss of speed But, in any case, there are many other factors that can affect your connection. It is not in your power to control all of them, but there are many things that you can polish to optimize your connection as much as possible.

Router location: how and where to put it

Placing the router in a good position is key to getting good speeds and getting the signal as far as possible.. When setting up the router, it is important to keep three main issues in mind:

  • It sounds obvious, but look a place in the center of the house so that the signal is not particularly far from any point.
  • Don’t put the router against a wall, because that way you will be blocking the signal as it comes out.
  • The router sends the WiFi waves mainly down, so it tries place your router as high as you can.
  • TOmove the router away from other electronic devices, since these block and interfere with the signal. Also, a device attached to the router is not going to have as good a connection as it might seem logical, because the signal is sent in the form of a donut (being very weak right where the router is.

Interference with other signals

You have probably seen that in your house, in addition to your own WiFi, the signal comes from many neighbors. This is not a good thing for your connection because other signals can cause interference when they are on the same frequency as you.

It is better to investigate investigate for yourself what is the best frequency available

Most modern routers come with automatic and intelligent channel switching, but it is better to investigate for yourself what is the best frequency available and manually configure your router. An easy way to identify the best channel for your signal is to use inSSIDer, a Windows program that will show you which frequencies are with the most interference near you.

How to place the antennas of the WiFi router

It may seem silly, but Correctly placing the antennas on the router can make a difference between a great connection and a regular one. Most routers have two antennas; The best way to place them is to put them perpendicular (one vertically and one horizontally).

This is because devices pick up the signal much better when the transmitting antenna is parallel to the receiving one; This way you make sure that there is always an antenna parallel to that of your device.

Never place two antennas at the same angle, it is wasting one

If you have more antennas, place them at different angles so that the signal reaches as many places as possible while avoiding interference. Never place two antennas at the same angle, because it is the same as if one of them did not exist.

Slow WiFi due to network saturation

Sometimes the problem is simply that there are too many people connected to the network at the same time and your operator is not able to offer the promised speeds. This usually happens at specific times, such as Sunday morning, but other times it is unpredictable.

Given this there is nothing you can do, even connecting by cable you can correct this problem; you can only wait. Those, if it happens very frequently, you still have to hire another Internet provider more reliable.

These are the main reasons why your connection is not going as fast as it should in theory. There are many other small factors that slow down your connection and block the signal (the mere presence of a person is already an obstacle to the signal), but if you leave these things well, you will surely notice an improvement in the speed of your connection.