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Find a house indicating the maximum price you are willing to pay


How much will you pay for the house you are looking for?

Thus advertises, a new web project that allows users to create advertisements indicating the maximum price they can pay for a home, either owned or rented.

The operation is simple, we just have to specify what we are looking for, the place, and the price, waiting for the owners and the real estate agents to contact to close the agreement.

Ricardo Navas, its founder, commented logically that the project was born as a personal necessity when looking for something for 400 euros a month in Alicante and investing more time than necessary to find something suitable.

The service offered by is free both for users looking for property and for owners, who can contact anyone without paying anything to carry out this task. The difference with the Pro plan is that the number of contacts in the free version is limited, since you can only contact once a week for free with an interested user. To eliminate this limit it is necessary to pay 9.90 a month.

It is a new twist to a market that has never stopped innovating in recent years. Given the current situation that Spain is going through (millions of homeless people and thousands of vacant properties), it seems logical that the next step is to integrate supply and demand, putting the maximum price as its main hook.