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Storing files securely, making copies in the cloud so as not to lose content and accessing them from any site and device has become today one of the greatest advantages offered by the Internet and the cloud. So we continue to offer options to save your files and if they are free, as in this case, the better.

We are talking about, a service to upload up to 4GBs of files for free and from which we can send 50GBs of files daily, conveniently sending multiple or unique files in a few clicks. In addition to offering this standard storage service, the fun of is to create a Cube of files (hence the name) that function as a kernel to share files between friends, coworkers and family. In this bucket there will be no file limit so that all users who manage it upload and share what they need without worrying about filling the space. also insists that transfers of all files are made under a secure connection so that we do not have any problem when sharing important or confidential files, especially if we use the service in a work environment.

As we have commented, the service is completely free and if you want to know more details about its operation, you can read about the service in this guide on the same website.