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Fightback, new free fighting game on the AppStore


The new creation of Ninja Theory, called Fightback, is now available for free for iOS in the form of the most entertaining tactile control fighting game.

The game begins with a brief introduction to the story in which the evil Drago threatens to take revenge on us for something we did and announces that he has kidnapped our sister. From there the game begins and with it the fights – at the beginning of each fight we will be presented with the enemy that we are preparing to defeat and we will be shown what are its weaknesses. The interface is the classic one: life bar at the top left, point system and combos at the top right and a message at the end of each level that shows the total score, the combos performed and the evasions achieved.

What stands out about Fightback is the touch control, which being a fighting game becomes strange at first (for example, if we slide our finger laterally we will kick and if we just touch the screen be a punch). As we progress through the game we will unlock different weapons, zones, armor, tattoos and abilities, which makes the gameplay more dynamic than a simple paste and advance. All surrounded by good graphics and a somewhat eighties aesthetic that will make fans of the most retro games enjoy themselves.

If you want to enjoy Fightback, you can download it for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad at this link to the AppStore.