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fflick, movie reviews via tweets

fflick, movie reviews via tweets

fflick is a service that brings us closer to movie reviews made via tweets. On our home page we will show, if any, the reviews that our contacts have made about a specific film.

In addition, it allows us to search for other Twitter users, for the same purpose, or to search for movies directly. Also on the front page of the service we have a list of movies, divided into three sections (available in theaters, about to premiere and soon) and ordered according to the number of tweets they carry out.

Whatever the way it is, in the end we will access the file of any film, which will allow us to know it even more through its synopsis, see its trailer, vote it positively or negatively, and even see filtered tweets, whether they are those written by our friends. , featured tweets, the latest tweets received, and even those who have voted both positively and negatively.

Each tab of each film incorporates the functions that allow us to know the passes offered in the city that we indicate, buy tickets, add to our Netflix account, all this through the respective services that provide it, or tweet it. We will also meet the most influential people, popular mentions and most relevant links whose tweets are related to the movie in question.

Regarding the graphic aspect, the truth is that it is quite successful, a simple but elegant environment, with a good distribution of the elements that make up this service. To use it, just identify with our Twitter account and accept it.