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Fast forward or backward 10 seconds on a YouTube video with this trick

So you can block specific ads on YouTube

So you can block specific ads on YouTube

A double touch just go back or forth a few seconds while watching a YouTube video.

With hundreds of millions of videos hosted, YouTube has become the platform par excellence when it comes to online video. The content is for all tastes, the same you find cooking recipes, the latest gadget reviews or the world record for lame chess.

No wonder many users already spend more time consuming content on Youtube than traditional television programs, so it is necessary that Google is continuously making changes to the platform, although they are not always well received.

Of all the millions of video minutes played per day, a large percentage is from mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and media players of all types and sizes, so it’s even more necessary than YouTube experience in those formats it will be polished.

Fast forward or backward 10 seconds in a video with a double tap

The playback time bar allows us to move freely for the duration of a video, although it usually happens that when we want to move forward or back a bit because we have missed an instant, we move on. This already has a solution, just do a double tap right or left of the video and you will advance or delay 10 seconds in time. As seen in the image above.

This feature may not be new to you, since last December it started to appear to some users and is now being rolled out for everyone (it’s a classic phased update method).

Available on YouTube for iOS and Android

Now, while you are watching a video in full screen (that is, with the phone horizontally), you only have to do a quick double tap to the left or right of the play buttons and the video fast forward or backward 10 seconds.

This small but useful trick is available both on YouTube for Android as in the iOS version. If it still doesn’t appear, check to see if you have the latest available update installed.