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Facebook wants to unite users and companies using Messenger bots

Facebook wants to unite users and companies using Messenger bots

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The latest updates to Facebook Messenger are clearly aimed at improving communication with companies.

Today, any company worth its salt has a website and presence on all social networks; to connect with your customers and users and offer services and supports.

Facebook believes that is as outdated as phone calls; that the best way to connect with companies is through Messenger. And of course bots and AI will be of great importance in this future.

The latest update of Facebook Messenger connects us with companies

According to Facebook, the companies that have opted for Messenger have seen a 30% rise in customer attraction; The reason is that these users are more comfortable talking on Messenger to find and get what they are looking for.

So the last update of Messenger focuses on promoting this use. Specific, the new Discover tab (Discover) allows us to find bots from our favorite companies and services.

From here we can browse the different categories of bots, or see the ones that are having more success right now; A preview will show us how the bot works and what we can expect from it. In this way, Facebook wants to further promote the use of bots to connect with companies.

Ordering a pizza by Messenger

But bots are not just for connecting with companies; They also offer services. Therefore, the other great news is the possibility of using bots in group chats; This opens up more possibilities for enjoying group content.

For example, from a group we can share songs through a Spotify bot, and create collaborative tracks. If we are Spotify users, we can listen to the entire song; in this way, developers encourage users to use their apps.

We can also ask for group plane tickets, so that all members agree on the date and time; And if we are watching a game, a bot will show results to find out everything. Another bot detects if we are talking about food, and suggest us food delivery or delivery places.

With these developments, the intention of Facebook is clear; There is no doubt that once they manage to attract users, they are convinced, the big problem is to attract them in the first place.