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Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat for more than a billion dollars


If the service doesn’t sound familiar yet Snapchat, surely they will sound in the coming months. Even so, we have mentioned it on several occasions as a tool that allows us to program the time in which a photograph is displayed, at the beginning of this year we saw how the app launched its official version on Android with video support and just two weeks ago that We present Stories, the chronological line of photographs and videos to share with family and friends for just 24 hours.

Both advancement and investment has certainly been fruitful for Snapchat, considering that Mark Zuckerberg has thought of the company as a possibility for its next acquisition. As we read in The Wall Street Journal, Snapchat was still asking for funding rounds, this time of about 200 million dollars, to invest them in its multiple services and increase the possibilities of these, when just then the famous CEO of Facebook had He showed his interest in making the acquisition for approximately $ 1 billion – in fact, an amount similar to what Zuckerberg invested in acquiring Instagram.

Rumors suggest that Snapchat rejected the proposal, although at the moment we do not know more details about the agreement, and Facebook refuses to make statements about it. What is clear is that Snapchat has caught his attention, mainly with the 350 million messages that he processes every day currently, showing a growth of more than 75% since June.