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Facebook unveils donation button for 18 nonprofits


Facebook is becoming aware that it is more than one of the main social platforms on the Internet where it connects its own acquaintances and allows the creation of new networks of social contacts between users, since it sees how, in case of crisis and disasters, its platform is used by users to ask for help or even to know the status of their acquaintances who may have been affected by such situations. The icing on the cake is the association carried out last November with the International Federation of the Red Cross so that users send their donations to requests for help from the Red Cross in the Philippines due to typhoon Haiyan.

The response of the users has led Facebook to consider serving as a channel for users to help non-profit organizations through their own donations, taking advantage of the enormous community of users available to them worldwide. This is why it has presented a new feature that includes a donation button in the publications of certain non-profit organizations on the walls of users, as well as the availability of said button at the top of the pages. of these organizations, participating from the start about 18 organizations, although Facebook leaves the doors open to new ones, where those who are interested in associating, will have to fill out a form that they have at their disposal in the help center.

The operation of the donation button is simple, just press it so that you can later select the amount to donate as well as the payment details. Oxfam America, Donors Choose, LIVESTRONG Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,, The Nature Conservancy, Malaria No More, Girls Inc., World Wildlife Fund, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, ASPCA, RAINN, St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, Blue Star Families, UNICEF (USA), Kiva and United Nations World Food Program are the non-profit organizations associated with Facebook, where many of them are already reporting the possibility of receiving donations from their pages and publications through the social network itself.