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Facebook tests new version of the web browser integrated in the application

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There is no doubt that mobile application developers want users to spend as much time as possible on them.

Under this objective, it seems that Facebook is going to introduce major improvements in its web browser integrated into the application, becoming almost a complete web browser in the absence of some common features, such as tabs, as the TNW publication has discovered. , which indicates that the improvements in the integrated browser are, for now, within the reach of a few users of the application in iOS in the testing phase, such as @HenryWilmer, who has shared this tweet:

And it is no longer surprising that Facebook, like other technology companies, choose small groups of users to test those improvements and new features that they want to launch later on to other users.In this sense, the users selected to test the new version of the integrated web browser have been able to see improvements that go beyond the purely visual, having at the top of the address bar itself, which makes it possible to enter new URLs if they want, and even at the bottom it has a utility bar, where you can see the social reach of each website within Facebook, as well as tools to go forward and backward in the browsing history, the possibility of saving any website for your access back, as well as access to an options menu.

A user has published a short video about the operation of the new version of the web browser integrated in the application, which will allow us to have a much clearer idea of ​​what other users will be able to enjoy if Facebook finally decides to launch this new version to everyone. the users:

It only remains that after a few months of testing, the new version can be released publicly to other users, although who knows if Facebook has more ambitious plans. For now, it's time to wait for official confirmations and launch announcements from the company.