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Facebook team presents a tool to create prototypes of apps

The Facebook design team has presented Origami (, a tool for Quartz Composer that allows to create prototypes of mobile applications more dynamic than those that can be achieved with most of the existing options on the market.

Quartz Composer is a free platform for Mac that helps to create 2D and 3D animations and designs, with this extension it is possible to create prototypes using a visual programming language, allowing designers to develop their products without depending on the programming team, ideal to present them to customers as interactive ideas.

To use it, you must register as a Mac developer, install Quartz Composer and, finally, install Origam1 1.0, as indicated on its presentation page. The interactions that can be created with Origami include buttons, finger scrolls, bounce animations, color transitions, timers, counters, etc., obtaining quite realistic results.

They comment on that it is presented as an open source tool in which it is not necessary to write a single line of code, so it seems worth trying.