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Facebook sues Namecheap for allowing misleading domains


Facebook announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Namecheap, a domain name registrar, and its proxy service, Whoisguard.

The team found that they used this service to misrepresent domains using Facebook service and product names. A hoax for scams and phishing attacks.

We discovered that the Namecheap proxy service, Whoisguard, registered or used 45 domain names that posed as Facebook and our services, such as, and

Domain names that lead people to think that they belong to Facebook. As mentioned in the report, Facebook has repeatedly asked Whoisguard for information on these domains since 2018, but they refused to cooperate.

For its part, Namecheap has also given statements in this regard, as registered on Zdnet. They clarify that they investigate each report of abuse and eliminate it if its veracity is verified. And as for Facebook, they mention that it is not following the established protocol for these cases:

Facebook may be willing to step on all the privacy of its customers on its own platform, and in this case it seems that they want other companies to do it for them, with their own customers. This is just another attack on privacy and due process to strengthen companies that have services like WhoisGuard, aimed at protecting the privacy of millions of Internet users.

It is not the first time that Facebook takes legal action when it detects this type of situation. Last year, he filed a lawsuit with OnlineNIC for registering addresses that gave the appearance of being affiliated with Facebook, such as,, among 18 other domains.