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Facebook Stories: what new Facebook Stories are and how they work

Facebook Stories: what new Facebook Stories are and how they work

Facebook Stories: what new Facebook Stories are and how they work

The Facebook Stories, the ephemeral stories that we already know from Snapchat or Instagram, but now integrated into the application of the immense social network.

In recent times we have seen how the temporary content On the Internet it has gained a lot of weight: messages, videos and images that self-destruct after a few hours. Snapchat created school, it was king for a time, but its future looks pretty cloudy, especially now with the arrival of Facebook stories.

On some occasions it has been said that Zuckerberg always wins, and it is no wonder. social network The most well-known and used on the planet, he knows very well that he has a privileged position and can get into as many terrains as he likes, with a high probability that everything will turn out well for him. That Snapchat is successful and can not be bought? Well, I clone your star features on Instagram. If that were not enough, now there are also Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories (also called Stories or even the new Facebook Camera) is a new way of sharing content on Facebook and its operation is practically traced to that of Instagram Stories, that is, all the photos and videos that we upload and to which we can apply filters and effects, they will disappear after 24 hours.

Where is Facebook Stories and how does it work?

Facebook Stories is limited, at the moment, to the smartphone application. That is, it is a feature that we do not find in the web version of the social network, neither to upload content, nor to view it.

Now, when you enter the Facebook application, you will see a small design change: the entire top menu where we found the wall tabs, notifications or friend requests, happens to be at the bottom and its gap is occupied by the Facebook stories.

The design is nailed to the one we know from Instagram, we will see small circles with the faces of our contacts and their stories. Just click on each of them to start playing automatically.

How to create Facebook Stories

If what you want is to share ephemeral moments remember that everything that is uploaded to Facebook Stories lasts only 24 hours, you simply have to click on your avatar or swipe right to bring up the camera interface.

There we have all the controls and customization buttons: we can take photos, switch cameras between rear and front, add filters, effects and if we hold down the button, a video will be recorded.

You can also upload to Facebook Stories photos and videos of the phone gallery And, unlike Instagram, here it is not necessary that they are of the last 24 hours, they can have more time.

Once the image or video is personalized with all the paraphernalia we want to add, the time comes to share it and we have several options. The most direct is to send it directly to our historyThat is, to be visible to all our friends (and only our friends, not publicly) for the next 24 hours.

However, we also have the possibility of send the story to specific contacts, so that only they can see it, by way of private communications. Or, if you regret it before sharing it, you can choose to have it published in your biography as a normal and current publication that will never disappear.


Snapchat has a serious problem

In short, Facebook Stories is one more way to share content that is complemented by what we have already seen on Instagram Stories and with what we will probably see in the very near future on WhatsApp (in the messaging application they will be called States or Status).

If you still do not see Facebook Stories in the application, patience, will arrive soon. Keep in mind that right now it is being deployed to 1.8 billion users across the planet.

That’s right, Facebook Stories represents another stone on the way of SnapchatRemember that a few weeks ago your IPO was announced (Initial Public Offering, Initial Public Offering) and Snapchat is valued at 25,000 million dollars. However, there are many doubts about the future of Snapchat, its profitability is doubted, what’s more, in the official document of the IPO, the company itself ensures that profitability may never be achieved.

Snap closed 2016 with $ 404 million in revenue, and more than $ 500 million in losses. They currently have 158 million users and growth numbers have slowed down.

Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and new WhatsApp statuses can completely bomb the Snapchat IPO.