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Facebook seen as a powerful e-commerce platform

Facebook seen as a powerful e-commerce platform

Almost nobody escapes the existence of the social network Facebook, which already has 8 years behind it, and which at the end of 2011 had more than 850 million registered users, far exceeding 164 million users. Registered on Amazon or the 100 million eBay users, and everything to connect with other users from anywhere in the world and keep in touch through the different tools.

Our perception of Facebook as a social network for personal contacts may come up short because new e-commerce companies are pushing users to become social consumers, making Facebook a great e-commerce platform that could compete with the big names. of the sector on the Internet.

This possibility is echoed today by Huffingtonpost, in which companies such as BeachMint, Yardsellr, Oodle and, backed by important investors, aim to make Facebook an e-commerce platform, finding successful sales models among their user communities within from the social network itself, and that this can also make an interesting income stream for Facebook itself, since currently 85% of its income comes from advertising, and as an e-commerce platform it could obtain a part of sales to improve your income without relying as much on advertising.

Experts see this possibility as they are being carried out, above all, in the field of games, so that the revenue from sales could be transferred to e-commerce sales without problems, of course, there is also the risk that Facebook could decide to change the rules that govern your platform.

In any case, if companies and experts see Facebook as a powerful e-commerce platform, sooner or later we will meet Facebook not only to connect with friends, but also to make online purchases that could also have social components based on purchases and / or suggestions from our contact networks.

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