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Facebook Messenger is hiding messages from you so you can see them

Facebook Messenger is hiding messages from you so you can see them

Facebook Messenger is hiding messages from you so you can see them

Facebook Messenger does not show you all messages they send you. It has a system that filters them and it is likely that it is hiding conversations from you.

Facebook has become Messenger in much more than its system of private messages and chats within the social network.

Messenger is a great platform And, as they said at the F8 conference, it is already the primary communication option for many users (millions), who use it on a daily basis as their messaging service. The data is tremendous: between Messenger and WhatsApp (both owned by Facebook), more than 60,000 million messages are sent daily.

Check the filtered messages in Messenger, you may be missing something

You can use Messenger from its webo version from the dedicated applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Those applications have gained a lot of weight, because they have been fueled by many improvements that make them very complete, like the possibility of making video calls, calls, creating groups, stickers of all kinds and, the next thing that is already underway, are bots.

Messenge has security systems and filters that messages must pass. That is, to prevent anyone from sending you messages (for example, avoiding automatic chains, advertising and spam).

The system is automatic and, a scenario in which we see it in action is when a person that we do not have among our Facebook friends sends us a message. Messenger notifies you that you have a request, that you can accept or not (and accepting it does not mean that you add that person as a friend).

However, beyond message requests, Messenger also hides incoming messages that the system believes are not of interest to you at all, which may be spam. Even so, just as sometimes the emails of your acquaintances end up in the spam tray, it is possible that Messenger is also hiding messages from you that you shouldn’t.

How to see them? very easy. Enter the full screen of Messenger messages on Facebook and next to Recents and Requests, you will see the Ms. tab.

leaked facebook messages

There you can see only the Unread and Archived messages for yourself, but the option that interests us is the Filtered.

Leaked Facebook Messenger messages

Within the filtered messages It is where some messages that send you will stop. There is no specific pattern as to why they end up there, but in principle it is because Facebook considers them to be directly spam or misleading content.

The reality is that this is not always the case, the automatic detection system is wrong and you are likely to find messages from people inside, from other users who have tried to contact you. There could even be messages from contacts that for some reason (such as carrying a strange link or mentioning specific words), would have gone directly to the archived.

In my case, I have discovered several messages from a Facebook friend in which the words related to downloads were mentioned and also messages from third parties to ask me questions, but without anything strange (so, in theory, they should have ended up the requests).

Did you know this message inbox? Many users do not know that it exists because at no time is it notified.