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Facebook makes important changes in the menu of your application

Cambios en el menú de Facebook

Facebook has chosen to make new visual changes to its mobile application, with no apparent need, which is generating more than one criticism from users through the rival platform, Twitter.

From Twitter they share their discomfort with the new redesign carried out in the application menu, which leaves the background completely blank behind an all-blue background with a slight gradient, also choosing to organize the options in the form of bubbles.

Yes, for now all available options are kept, only rearranged in another way, making it necessary to get used to finding them again in their new location on the screen. At the moment the specific reasons that have motivated Facebook to change its mind regarding the visual model that it has maintained in recent times are unknown, and that they are not leaving more than one indifferent.

As pointed out in Android Police, it seems that these visual changes are already available in a large number of users since recent days, so it is likely that these changes continue to progress until reaching all users, so that current Facebook users who still do not have these changes, will be a matter of time that they will reach their mobile devices.

Facebook already pointed out at the time that users, sooner or later, accept the visual changes despite the initial criticisms, and with that philosophy it has been maintained for a long time, and it is possible that something similar will happen this time.

Like it or not, these changes may be coming to stay, and perhaps the only possible option for those who do not want it, is to wait for the social network to implement its dark mode so that, at least, it is different, although what this concerns, dark mode is still in development, so it takes time to reach all users.

Image credit: Android Police