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Facebook is testing a feature so we can save links “for later”


If Facebook wants to become our personalized newspaper, with classified news channels and the possibility of consulting them as if it were a feed reader (and that is something that has been discussed a lot in recent months), you have to worry about adding features that allow you to save content for later reading.

That is precisely what he seems to be working on now, according to some media that have already seen a save icon similar to that shown in applications such as Pocket or Instapaper.

Initially available for mobile versions, as can be seen at, it would allow having a directory of the style with all the saved posts, thus helping the Facebook timeline to not be so extremely dynamic as it is today, giving the reader more control over what they want to read, and when.

Facebook has not commented on the matter, and some of the indicated pages have already been deleted, so it may simply be an experiment that never sees the light.

It is clear that it is a good idea, so from here, we encourage Mark and company to continue working on it, we want a more useful Facebook, where we can keep the interesting in our particular drawer.